Brett Geer (DHL ZA) on Mon, 20 Mar 2006 11:56:24 +0200 (SAST)

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[GLUG-chat] Re: gzip proxy

If anyone's got HTTP/1.1 support patched into squid, please let me know how
you got that right. I have a use for it.

Personally I think that using Apache is an absolute cludge as you don't get
the fine granularity of control that squid gives you and even if you had the
Apache server do the actual fetch and hand it to a squid proxy, in between
the client and the squid host they're still stick with 1.0, which defeats
it. Unless you have squid do the fetch and Apache hand it back to the
client, that might work but if your client is sitting on your LAN and so is
your squid box, you don't get any gain.

I do see that support for 1.1 isn't too complete in the browsers, as per my
previous post where I showed my exclusion list. Thats damn annoying because
you never know what they're going to screw up next.


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Hi Brett,

>> On 17/03/06 16:52, Brett Geer (DHL ZA) wrote:
>>> Squid isn't going to do it, HTTP/1.1 is on the cards for
>>> later releases

It seems that this issue has been debated at length in many
different places but I can't really find any recent discussions
about it. So here's my basic question.

Is it not advantageous to have specifically this feature available
on proxy servers of these days? We also use squid on our side and I
should probably be asking this question on the squid lists but I'm
just testing the waters on this list because I know there's some
experienced guys in here and maybe you'll be able to give some more
pointers before I go to the squid experts.

It seems that version 3.0 of squid will support this but this
release (as far as I can see) is still some way off. Is there not a
way that one can patch the current stable squid to include
compression? Anybody on this list done this?

Background reading:

>>> but apache with mod_gzip, sorted.
> On 17/03/06 17:30, Gustav wrote:
>> This put's a little spanner in the works because many proxies
>> out there are based on squid. It basically means that any
>> client going via a squid based proxy will not see the benefits
>> of compressions. Right?

On 20/03/06 09:21, Brett Geer (DHL ZA) wrote:
> Correct. Even if you enable the 'Use HTTP/1.1 thru proxies' (IE
> option, Netscape does it by default)

Firefox also does it by default as far as I can see but there's no
point if the proxy does not support it.

Gustav H Meyer

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